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>> Industry - Boiler and Heater
Sector : Fertilizers and pesticides Tender Value : N.A.
Location : Maharashtra - India Ref.No : 24198925
Closing Date : 11 - Sep - 2018
Overhauling of Glass Exchangers (E101 And E105) In CNA Plant.
Sector : Railways Transport Services Tender Value : N.A.
Location : Madhya Pradesh - India Ref.No : 27495800
Closing Date : 06 - May - 2018
Supply of M-48 Sch Repair Kit For Sil Make Air Dryers. Cosisting Of 17 Items In One Kit, As Per Enclosed List.Annex-A.
Sector : Education And Research Institute Tender Value : N.A.
Location : Karnataka - India Ref.No : 27760557
Closing Date : 26 - Apr - 2018
Supply of Drug Items for the Department of Cardiology & Cardiothoracic Surgery.
Supply of Drug Items for the Department of Anesthesiology.
Supply of Chemicals, Reagents & Consumables for the Various Department.
Supply of Chemicals, Reagents & Consumables for the Department of Radiology / Generator & Isotopes for the Department of Nuclear Cardiology.
Supply of Disposables (Non – Drugs) i.e. PTCA Guidewires, Balloons, etc. for the Department of Cardiology.
Supply of Disposables (Non – Drugs) i.e. Diagnostic Catheters, Sheaths, Contrast Media etc. for the Department of Cardiology.
Supply of Disposables (Non – Drugs) for the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery.
Supply of Disposable (Non – Drugs) for the Department of CSSD.
Supply of General Consumables / Housekeeping Items / Hospitals Linen / Disinfectant Items & Other Miscellaneous Items.
Supply of Furniture & Fixtures / Laundry Chemicals / Electrical Items / Plumbing Items / Air Conditioners etc.
Supply of Accessories / Consumables / Spares for Medical Equipment / Air Conditioners / Laundry Equipment / Boiler Equipment / Medical Gas / Cots etc.
Supply of Stationery Items.
Sector : Crude Oil / Natural Gas / Mineral Fuels Tender Value : N.A.
Location : Gujarat - India Ref.No : 27537214
Closing Date : 10 - Apr - 2018
Hiring of consultancy services for LSTK job of replacement/modification of existing flare system.
Supply of Sulphuric acid.
Procurement of jet fuel thermal stability tester.
Sector : Municipal Corporations Tender Value : INR 2.77 Crore (approx.)
Location : Karnataka - India Ref.No : 27821353
Closing Date : 09 - Apr - 2018
1) Supply and Installation of 60 Ton Hooper/Feeder at Hubli. 2) Supply and Installation of 50 Ton Hooper/Feeder at Dharwad. 3) Supply and Installation of Drying unit at Hubli. 4) Supply and Installation of Drying unit at Dharwad.
* Supply and Installation of Machinery and Equipment for Development of Leachate Treatment Plant.
* 1) Development of Sanitary Land Site at shivalli 2) Development of Leachate Treatment Plant including Design & Development at shivalli.
Sector : Security Services Tender Value : N.A.
Location : West Bengal - India Ref.No : 26971171
Closing Date : 02 - Apr - 2018
Supply of Graphite Electrode SizeNominal Dia-350mm(14" Apprx) X Long-1800mm With 6.35mm, Pitch(1/4"Approx.)Threaded Tapered & Nipple As Per Is 9050-1979 Note-20% Extra Nos., Of Nipples To Be Supplied Alongwith Whole Lot., Cylindrical Machined Graphite Electrode With Threaded Socket And Connecting Pins, As Per Is9050-1979 And Drawing No. Esr/100/26 R1, Graphite Electrodes 254 Mm Dia X 1500mm Long Of Weight 134kgs Each With Nipples For, The Electrodes Of Weight 5 Kgs Each.With Pitch Filled., High Power (Hp) Graphite Electrode Nominal Dia 400 Mm With 4 Tpi Thread Nipple As Per, Is9050-1979. Extra 10% Nipple To Be Supplied Along With Total Nipples Required, Ladle Refractory Lining Bricks For Lfvd Ladle 20 Ton Capacity As Per, Drg.No.Lfvd/1000/30 R7. Set "A" Mini Key Type, Linear Refractories For Ingot Mould ( Type- A ) As Per Drg.No.- Lfvd / 1000 / 13 R5., Liner Refractories For Radial Forging Ingot Mould As Per Drg. No.Lfvd/1000/13/1/R1., Body Lining Bricks For 20/22 Ton Eaf As Per Drg. No-15arc/1000/192., Body Lining Refractory Bricks For 15 Ton Arc Furnace For Set-B Of Drg.No. 15, Arc/1000/159 R4., Bottom Pouring S.G Iron Ingot Mould To Size 420mm Dia X 2180 Mm Long As Per, Drg.No.Lfvd/1000/12/A Rev.1. Material Specn. Spheroidal Cast Iron Is1865,, Grade400/18.Firm Should Submit T.C From Nabl Accredited/Govt.Approved Lab Only, For Basic Matal & Mechanical Properties., 31 Inch C.I. Ingot Mould As Per Msf Drg No.Oh 1012/72 R2 (Item No.1 Only), Manufacture Of C.I. Ingot Mould 175 Mm Dia To Msf Drg.No. Mp/121 R1., S.G.Iron Ingot Mould To Size 20'' X 2500 Mm As Per Drg. No-Oh /1012/153 R1.Material, SpecnS.G.Iron Is1865,Grade400/18.Firm Should Submit T.C.From Nabl Accredited/Govt., Approved Lab For Basic Material & Mechanical Properties., C. I. Mould 23"For Radial Forging As Per Drg. No. Oh/1012/150/1 (R1), 4 Way 8 Mould Bottom Pouring Set For 20 Ton Eaf As Per Msf Drawing NoOh-390., 4 Way 4 Mould Bottom Pouring Set For 20 To Eaf As Per Msf Drawing No0h-389., Bottom Plate For 20 Ton Eaf As Per Drawing NoOh-385., Bottom Pouring S.G.Iron Ingot Mould To Size 450 Mm Diax2250mm Lg As Per Drg. Noo., H.-387. Matl. Specn-Spheroidal Castiron As Per Is1865 Grade 400/18. Firm Shall Submit, T.C.Fromnabl Accredited/Govt Approved Lab. Only For Basic Materialand Mechanical, Properties, Bottom Pouring S.G Iron Ingot Mould To Size 385 Mm Dia X2265 Mm Long As Per Drg. No., Oh-391. Material Specn. Spheroidal Cast Iron Is1865 Grade400/18. Firm Should Submit, T.C. From, Nabl Accredited/Govt. Approved Lab Onlyfor Basic Metal & Mechanical, Properties., Graphite Crucible For Laddle Of Slag Melting Furnace As Per Msf Drg No. Lfvd/1000/22, (Sheet No.3/3), High Alumina Refractory Cement. Trade Name "Whytheat Grade Lwb Specn Al2o3, 90%Min.,Sio22 To 3 %, Fe2o30.75% (0.80% Max) Max.Service Temperature1750, Deg.C.Max.Grain Size 5 Mm. Packed In 50 Kgs Hdpe Bags., Fluorspar To Specification - Is-4574-1989 (Reaffirmed-2003)Grade-3 [CompositionCaf2-80, % Min,Sio2-8% Max,Caco3 -3% Max Mixed Oxide(R2o3 - 3.5% Max,S-0.3% Max,Pb - 0.3%, Max).Pellet Form Having Size - 1" To 3"., Dolomite Fettling Mass For Hot Repair Of Bank And Bottom Of Eaf.Chemical, Composition %Mgo= 36 - 40, %Cao= 55 - 59,% Sio2= 1.5 Max,%Fe2o3= 4 Max .Size Grading 0 -, 5 Mm ,95% Min.Will Pass Through The Shieve Of The Maximum Grain Size Indicated., Ferro-Chrome ( High Carbon ) To Specification Is 1170-1992,Grade- 1, Designation 7 Fe Cr-, 65, Chem.Comp.- Cr%60-70,C%6-8,Si%1.5-4;Residual Elements & Others As Per Specn., Particle Size Between 100 Mm To 150 Mm,Under Size 5% Max,Oversize 10% Max. Free, From Extraneous Contaminations Etc., Ferro Manganese [H C] To Specn. Is - 1171-1996, Grade-Fe Mn 72 [Size Of The Lumps 50 Mm, To 150 Mm With Percentage Of Fines Limited Up To 10 %,], Iron Ore To Specification Is 5442-1992, Gr.57/59, Particle Size- 200 +10mm. Fe Content, Should Be Minimum 57%", Ferro Vanadium.To Specn.Is 1466-1985,(Reaffirmed In 1996),Grade-Fe V 55, (Lc)(Material To, Be Supplied In Size Between 25mm To 50mm).Firm's Test Certificate From Nabl Accreded, Laby/Govt.Recognised Laby;As Per Specn.Must Be Attached While Supplying Matl, Ferro Molybdenum To Specn Is1469-1993,GrFe-Mo 63,C-10;Chemcomp.=Mo%60-, 65,C%0.10mx,Si%2.0max,S%0.08max,P%0.06maxcu%0.50max,Al%0.50max,Pb%0.01max,Sn%0, .03max.Particle SizeOver 25 Mm Upto And Including 50 Mm,Under Size By Mass5%Max,Over Size, By Mass10%Max.Other RequirementsAs Per Specn, M.S. Starter Plate Size - 20 Mm X 1000 Mm X 1200 Mm As Per Msf Drg No - Esr/1000/03 ., Fully Machined As Per Drawing And, Fitted With Boss -03 Nos In Each Plate ., Bottom Flat Tool For 2650 Mt Forging Press Drg.No.Ngf/282 R2, Top Plate & Bottom Plate As Per Drg No - Lfvd/1000/32., Phosphating Chemical For Steel Items With Specn.As Follows Bath Conc.% 5 To, 10,Total Acid Titration/Bath Point 25 To 40 Immersion Time15 To 20 Mins.At 85 To 90, Deg.C Bath,Coating Wt. 800 To 1000 Mg/Sq.Ft.,Sp.Gr.1.4to1.44.Colourless,Free Fm.Visible, Impurities Etc.Zn% 9.6 To 10.6,P2o5% 16
Sector : Power Plant Tender Value : N.A.
Location : Maharashtra - India Ref.No : 27550788
Closing Date : 02 - Apr - 2018
Manufacturing, Inspection/Testing, Supply, Commissioning And Warranty Of Horizontal Front Loading(Electric Resistance) With All Metal Hot Zone High Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnance System As Per Specification Required At Barc,
Sector : Other Electrical Products Tender Value : N.A.
Location : Uttar Pradesh - India Ref.No : 15242113
Closing Date : 01 - Apr - 2018
Registration For Various Types Of Works Being Executed By Bhel Psnr Rsc Noida For Services And Repair Maintenance Jobs, Boiler & Auxiliaries, Turbine, Condenser & Generator Thermal /gas/ Nuclear) (stg), Hydro Turbine & Generator, Chemical Cleaning ( Boiler, Condenser, Other Heat Exchanger).
Sector : Education And Research Institute Tender Value : N.A.
Location : Delhi - India Ref.No : 27812981
Closing Date : 27 - Mar - 2018
Supply of Sweating Guarded Hot Plate With Integrated Chamber.
Sector : Education And Research Institute Tender Value : N.A.
Location : Delhi - India Ref.No : 27200846
Closing Date : 24 - Mar - 2018
Supply of (TAC-I) Dry Ration, Fresh Fruit & Vegetables, Milk, Milk Products, Frozen Non-Veg Items (Chicken, Mutton & Fish), Fresh Non-Veg Items (Chicken, Mutton, Fish) & Eggs and Hiring of Music DJ System, for (TAC-II) - Transportation, Coal, Electrical Items, Pest Control, Namkins & Roasted Peanuts, Salvage, Computer & Office Stationary, Printing of Forms, Packaging Material & Disposables Plastic Container, Playing Cards, Conservancy Items, Maintenance of LPG Appliances, Solid / Gel Fuel, Staff Uniforms (cloth materials with Stitching).
Empanelment of Banquet Hall Services.
Catering, Tentage Lighting illumination and Vedi & Flowers decorations.
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